Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lutetium Element print complete

I produced this print for the Printmakers Element Print Project:

The print image definitely looks toxic :) -- Lutetium element is used in catalyst cracking in petroleum refineries. The smoke coming from the stack is a molecular model of a catalyst. I used silver metallic ink and fine mica powder to simulate the color and appearance of Lutetium and to emphasize the toxic environmental pollution caused by refineries.

Title: Lutetium
One Block: All Shina printers plywood
Paper: Japanese made white Shin-Torinoko
2 Waterbased Inks: -Black- Neri-Zumi Sumi Concentrate Paste
-Silver Metallic
Fine Mica Powder mixed into the silver ink.
Hand printed with a Murasaki Baren.
Edition: 4 prints.

Although this print isn't my usual poem-print it still incorporates lettering. I enjoyed researching and producing it and being a part of this great project.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Lutetium 71 Element" printing underway

Finally printing this block. I tried to make the printing easy, yet a way to incorporate a 2-color print. The black is Neri-zumi, a thick concentrated sumi paste, is slightly graded from bottom to center. My hope is to have the silver ink with mica powder to grade from the top down to center of print.